Another great forced workouts idea. The goal is to improve pain tolerance in nipples. Trainee is naked, on the knees, holding light weights. His nipples are attached with sharp nipple clamps. The trainee must then move the weights according to the trainer’s commands from one forced position to another: up, above his head, to his sides, in the front. Trainee is allowed to bring the weights to the rest position only when he has held the weights in each required position for 5 minutes. As the trainee is struggling to keep the required position his clamped nipples topping his flexed pecs are going to feel more pressure. Every following position causes more pain. By the time the trainee is allowed to bring the weights to the “rest” position, the pain in nipples is almost unbearable. It is when the trainer orders the boy to bring the weights above the head again and start the next set.